Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bridal Shower: The Dog Bride

Me in my Doggy Dress
This past Sunday was my bridal shower.  Dog themed of course!  We had an amazing celebration filled with food, booze, and games.  It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that my friends and family could come.  There were even a few surprises.......for me & for the guests.......

For the guests, we bought dog themed luggage tags from Petsmart.  Aren't they adorable? I had to snag a Shih Tsu one for myself to use for my honeymoon in South Africa.  That way I can always have Filly with me.

Later, my neighbor surprised me by ordering a custom photo cookie tower and dog bone shaped cookies from Veronica's Treats in Middleboro, MA.  They were soo delicious!  Everyone was raving about how cute they were and how good they tasted.  Don't they look amazing!  She even does custom decorated oreos and photo BROWNIES!  Right now I'm ooogling over the oreos that look like a bride and groom and the one that is 2 tiered like a wedding cake.  NOW IMAGINE PAW PRINT OREOS!! #swoon

Friday, March 29, 2013

51 Days! Thank you "Mospens Studio"

Only 51 days till I am Mrs. Sarah Goehringer!  I'm getting so excited, but still have lots to do.  The invites have gone out in the mail and I wanted to share with you my custom design done by Mospens Studio.  Michelle and James Mospens did a wonderful job designing and printing my invites.  The invitations truly represent myself and my fiance (and of course our puppy, Filly).  The process was really easy and Michelle is amazing with responding quickly and reading the many many emails of questions you may have.

They do everything from shower invitations to place cards (with everything in the middle).  You can even have your wedding invite cleverly designed as a "message in a bottle" or if you are getting married at a Vineyard, invite your guests with a bottle of wine.  Truly amazing!

Choose from the many invites included in the signature collection or inquire/CHAT NOW *new feature* with Michelle or James and have your Dream Invitation designed just as we did!

Real detail goes into each and every one of Mospens Studio's finished products.  They are pieces of art!  A bunch of my friends are getting married and looking at invitations.  I have definitely recommended Mospens Studio to them.  

Take a peek at Michelle Mospen's Original Hand Drawn art.  See if they have something you like.  You don't need to be getting married to order stationery!  I wish I could have added a little sparkle and stationery fragrance to mine. Maybe next time when I need a new bunch of stationery!

Offer expires 3/24/13


Reply card for my wedding!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shoes. Chocolate. Coffee. Dogs.

So Filly has been wearing a Philadelphia Phillies collar for about a year, and while it should last longer, it has started to fray and is discolored.  Recently I entered the "Lifeguard Press is Sweet" contest, and last week I got a message that said I did not win the grand prize, but they loved my Pinterest board and would still like to send me a gift from my Pinterest page!  I chose the Dylan's Candy Bar dog collar in Candyspill and it arrives today.  If you don't know already, I love all things shoes, chocolate, coffee, and dogs.  I even have the plaque to show the world! (Though it leaves out coffee).

I can't wait to put it on Filly!  He will look soo adorable with the candy collar.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Anthropologie goes to the Dogs!

The funny thing about the way I shop is that whenever I am online, on any clothing or accessory website, the first thing I do is type "dog" in the search engine.  I rarely shop at Anthropologie, but I figured since we have one within 5 minutes of our house in New Jersey I would check out online and see what they have.  First of all, I have to say that once I saw the Fetch & Frolic dress on their website I knew that, 1st I had to call my store to make sure they had it in stock and in my size, and second that it was a purchase I HAD TO MAKE!   Though I think I may change up the belt.  My fiance wasn't too fond of that part of the outfit.

The other piece of apparel that I am drooling over (pun intended) is the Pooch Posse Cardigan.  It is soo adorable and while I wouldn't pair it with the dress, it would great with jeans and a tee underneath.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newest Coffee Table Book? Yes Please!

The New Yorker Magazine has just released a new book that I will soon be purchasing, or hinting at for a Valentine's Day gift.  $27 on Amazon, this book is sure to be a great addition to your living room coffee table.

This book is a collection of poems, humor, cartoons, cover art, drafts and drawings from past magazine archives all compiled into one canine themed book for dog lovers everywhere.  If you are into ebooks, it is available for $19.99.  Personally, while I do love ebooks, this is a book that I want to display!

The cover sort of reminds me of Clifford, the Big Red Dog?  What do you think?

Friday, January 25, 2013

For The Love of Hedgehogs!

Has anyone else noticed that dogs are obsessed with hedgehogs?  My Shih Tzu/Terrier, Filly has already gone through three hedgehogs.  His most recent one is from the Martha Stewart Collection and it is by far the most durable.  It has a sound chip inside that makes it make this clicking nose (I guess the sound that hedgehogs make).  It has more stuffing in it compared to the other two, which is why I like it.  Filly is less likely to break the sound chip like in all the other ones with the squeakers.

This month I have seen hedgehogs everywhere.  The newest Petco commercial has a wall of hedgehogs in the background.  Paper-Source is all about hedgehogs for Valentine's Day.  Which I am really excited about.  I'm planning on going the day after Valentine's Day (or order online) and get them on sale!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Dog Lovers iPhone

Wow!  I have really been MIA.  We are already into the New Year and I haven't posted since Black Friday!  I apologize.  I've been super busy with wedding planning.  My fiance kind of caved and he is more willing to "dogify" our wedding!  A combination of green apples and dogs.  Personally I prefer any of the red apples to eat, but he favors the green ones and I think they are a better color scheme for our wedding :) haha.


If you don't have a smartphone these days, whether it be an android or an iPhone you are behind the times.  Smartphones do everything for us --- and we let them!  But why not, if it makes our lives easier. Pay our bills on the go, study for exams (if you are in school), read the news, and "of course" shopping.  I found these super cute dog themed iphone cases that I am in love with.  Right now, I have the Kate Spade Scottie Dog iphone 4s case and it suits me!

Click here and check out these cases!

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