Thursday, June 7, 2012

Filly Cheering on the Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies....Red Sox....Phillies....Red Sox....I am torn between the two.  When I was younger (living in New York interestingly) my family cheered for the Red Sox.  When we move to PA and have lived there for years, we cheered for the Phillies.  Now in New Jersey, do I have to change teams -- oh wait --- never...always a Phillies/Red Sox girl!

Filly, my Shih-Tzu/Terrier is named after the city of Philadelphia.  Scott and I love PA and Philly.  After meeting in high school and studying at Drexel in Philadelphia, I knew I wanted to bring a little Philly to New Jersey.  We both cheer for the Phillies when we watch the games on TV (unless they are playing the Red Sox --- then I cheer for both teams).

Our little Filly is a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Showing his sports team pride he wears a Phillies baseball dog collar.  Donna Marie at the Bark Avenue Boutique sells a number of sports team apparel for your dog.  Ranging from bandanas, collars, leashes, jerseys, and t-shirts.  She even has a few dog cheerleading dress and team sweaters.  

I told my fiance, Scott that we should get an Eagles leash to go along with the Phillies collar.

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