Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BAB Designs (Black Label & Green Label)

Looking for something unique for you and your pooch, the Bark Avenue Boutique in Wayne, PA has the "goods" for you.  Along with their Signature Black Label where you can get a "classic style to match your signature look" for both you and your pooch, they now have a Green Label!  You can donate your own old (or new) ties, curtains, old jeans...etc...and have them turned into a one of a kind dog collar, leash, harness, dress, pet bed, hair bow, mess-matts, and beds.  I have to be honest, I actually purchased some hair bows at the BAB and I wear them!  What can I say "I'm a dog at heart <3"

Donna & Daisy Mae in matching outfits
The Green Label is fabulous!  Completely made of 100% recycled materials and like I said before, one of a kind (unless of course you purchase 2).  I've been thinking of getting something (a tie, dress, skirt) in my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print *Dark 'n Stormy and having it made into a collar or leash for my little puppy Filly.  I have the Roselyn skirt and I got my fiance the tie, but Filly is missing out on my favorite print.  I may have to do something about that in the near future.  Hopefully, it'll show up on the ReLillyGroup on Facebook.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday to ME!

Today is my 24th birthday!  Had a mini celebration with Scott and my mom yesterday (along with bridal dress shopping -- no luck).  Today I'm babysitting for 6+ hours and we put on an offer on a house (hope it works out.)  Definitely an interesting birthday.  In other news, Scott got me the doggy wallet I wanted by Ted Baker in hot pink!  I posted a picture of it earlier (check it out).  I'm obsessed!  He also got me a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins -- brings back memories from when I was younger!  Always had to have an ice cream cake!

My cake -- but was bright pink & had my name

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Summer, Let's Celebrate at the Spa

It's finally Summer!  School is basically over (public yes/private no) and it is time to relax, go to the beach, and drink mimosas by the pool.  I know we all are thinking about it.

Summer is a "hot" time of year, so be sure to get your dog groomed so he/she isn't too hot during those sweltering days we all know are fast approaching.  Even after a hair cut, be sure it's not too hot outside for your pooch.  Think of it is this way, if it is soo hot that you don't want to go outside, why would your dog?

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty particular where I will send my dog to get groomed.  I'm a little weird about Petco and PetSmart only because one day I was watching them groom a Yorkie through the window and I just didn't like how the dog was soo scared when his face was getting trimmed.  I don't blame him though, I'd be afraid with pointy scissors near my eyes!


Being a New Jersey girl now, I don't have the luxury to visit the Pet Village of Wayne and take my dog to Dogma Premier Dog Spa.  Though on a few occasions I may have to consider it being worth the trip (as long as I am visiting home for the weekend).

Dogma, voted 2011 Best Dog & Cat Groomer in the Main Line offers just as many services for your pet as my hair salon and spa here in New Jersey.  Packages include: The Dogma (full service grooming package), The Prima Dogma (full service + package -- pawdicure included), The Yuppy Puppy Package (for pets 6- years old), and The Main Line Quickie Maintenance Program (Cut & Condition).  They even offer add-on services, including but not limited to: a shedding treatment, facial, teethbrushing, and a flea/tick bath.

All groomers at Dogma are pet care professionals.  One of which is ABKA certified and two others who are graduates of Dog Grooming schools.

What comes after a spa treatment?  A massage of course!  Woof!  Only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Dogma offers their clients the opportunity to make an appointment for what they call "Canine Massage Therapy."  You are probably thinking, I rarely get a massage, why does my dog need one?  Benefits can be physiological, but also is great for rehabilitation purposes.  Click here to read some client testimonies.

On another note -- check out this stationery I found by R. Nicols.  Saw them and instantly thought of Dogma.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Drink Alone...Always with your Pooch

Mission Statement: Deliver Dogvergn├╝gen 

Dogvergn├╝gen (prounounced dawg' feh-gnu-gen) is defined as "The unique joy you feel in the presence of Dog" and is the inspiration for all Dog is Good products.  I love their products, which range from clothing (Men, Women, Kids, Dogs), Accessories, Jewelry...etc... and they don't just have dog themed products.  They do sell some horse & cat themed goods as well.

Right now I am obsessed with the "Never Drink Alone" t-shirts for men.  They come in many different breeds and are clever and witty.  A great shirt to pair with shorts or jeans, wear to the bar or relax by the pool.  They are relaxed fit tees, 100% cotton, and pre-laundered to eliminate shrinking.  What I really like about them is that each design is a different vintage dog beer label.  I got my fiance the "Labby Lager" navy blue t-shirt and I love when he wears it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vineyard Vines Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

First of all, I would really love to take a trip to Martha's Vineyard.  I've never been and it sounds wonderful.  Second, on to why you are really reading this post.  The scoop on the Vineyard Vines Dog Tie Collection & (the secret) ladies Dog Tote Bags currently in the works!

Vineyard Vines has really been showing their love of dogs recently with all these new dog prints (on ties) and more breeds to come.  I'm wondering whether Lilly Pulitzer is going to do something similar since they were first with the Greek Life collection, and now, Vineyard Vines has one of their own.  These ties from Vineyard Vines are 100% silk.  For each breed currently available they come in different color options.

I personally know that they are in the process of creating a dog tote bag collection for women.  I'm hoping that it will be available this Fall.  I purposely have not purchased a new purse for this specific reason.
I hope they make a Shih Tzu one, but if not, I'll probably go
with the Chocolate Labrador.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Okay, so this past week I've been sporting my neon pink MOGO Charms sunglasses with my "Pocket Pups" charms.   I am obsessed, and my students have to agree that they are fabulous.  What is great about MOGO is that the charms are magnetic. They are interchangeable between the sunglasses, the bracelets, mosies slippers, and the click flops .aka. flip flops!  You can even link the bracelets and create a wrap anklet, a belt or a headband!

One day (or everyday like me) you can be All About Dogs and the next you can be smiley all day with their Miles of Smiles collection.  My next purchase will have to be "Nice Doggy," I can hear it barking my name.

Any of the MOGO products are great gifts for kids & obviously adults -- maybe because I'm a teacher and a kid at heart.  They have different colors for both boys and girls and Paige Collection that is more sophisticated with gems.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth.....Liquid Floss?

Recently I attempted to brush my dog's teeth with a toothbrush.  Needless to say he DID NOT like it.  My first attempt was not very successful, Filly kept moving his head and avoiding the toothbrush.  I decided to put a little peanut butter on the toothbrush, that way he'd want it in his mouth, and IT WORKED!  Okay, so maybe his breath doesn't smell  great, but his teeth are significantly cleaner.

Peanut butter is okay for dogs in small amounts.  If you use this technique, you only need a little on the brush bristles for a flavor.  However, because I didn't want to do this every time (especially having his breath stink of peanut butter all the time), I decided to pay a visit to Petco initially to buy special toothpaste for him or some Greenies.  Instead what I found was LiquidFloss!  TropiClean is a company that uses all natural ingredients and who came up with this new product that I think is fantastic.  Each of the products in the Fresh Breath collection require "no brushing."  They sell a gel, foam, water additive, chews, LiquidFloss, and LiquidFloss TriFlossBall.

I purchased  the LiquidFloss TriFlossBall because it comes with LiquidFloss, but also the suggested rope ball that actually absorbs the LiquidFloss, massages gums, and flosses teeth.  What I really like about this product is that the LiquidFloss can be sprayed on Filly's other toys.  In particular he has this hedgehog stuffed animal that is "his baby."  He is constantly chewing it (never ripping) or holding it in his mouth.  I am thinking I may spray some LiquidFloss on it so that his teeth get cleaned, but are also minty fresh.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Collars Go Nautical

Woah!  New trend -- collars are going nautical!  Even better, owners can match with a rope bracelet.  Lemon & Line handcrafts nautically inspired bracelets; based out of Newport, Rhode Island.  Using a square knot and hook clasp, these bracelets are comfortable yet fashionable.  Available in a number of colors and part of numerous collections, it is hard to pick just one.  My favorite is the Newport Kelly & Pink.  It matches perfectly with the Mascot Sailors Knot Bold Multi Collar and matching lead in Pink/Green.  I especially love the dog bone buckle on the collar and that it is anti-microbial.

Even top designers like Tory Burch are getting into the trend.  Click here to check out their adorable braided dog collar with a woven band and classic leather buckle.  Super cute --- and has a matching leash available as well.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Filly Cheering on the Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies....Red Sox....Phillies....Red Sox....I am torn between the two.  When I was younger (living in New York interestingly) my family cheered for the Red Sox.  When we move to PA and have lived there for years, we cheered for the Phillies.  Now in New Jersey, do I have to change teams -- oh wait --- never...always a Phillies/Red Sox girl!

Filly, my Shih-Tzu/Terrier is named after the city of Philadelphia.  Scott and I love PA and Philly.  After meeting in high school and studying at Drexel in Philadelphia, I knew I wanted to bring a little Philly to New Jersey.  We both cheer for the Phillies when we watch the games on TV (unless they are playing the Red Sox --- then I cheer for both teams).

Our little Filly is a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Showing his sports team pride he wears a Phillies baseball dog collar.  Donna Marie at the Bark Avenue Boutique sells a number of sports team apparel for your dog.  Ranging from bandanas, collars, leashes, jerseys, and t-shirts.  She even has a few dog cheerleading dress and team sweaters.  

I told my fiance, Scott that we should get an Eagles leash to go along with the Phillies collar.

Love Your Breed: Bling it On

Raise your paw if you love your dog and want to share it with the world!  Sold @ PetValue, Petco & online, Love Your Breed Rhinestone Stickers are a dazzling (pun fully intended) way to showcase your love of your pet.

While no mixed breeds are available yet -- fingers crossed, they do have a wide selection of available breeds including (but not limited to): Beagle, Bull Dog, Poodle, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Shih-Tzu, Golden Labrador, and Chihuahua.  You can stick them on anything!  Many people choose to "blingify" their cell phone cases, but personally I like to make my wedding planner sparkle and keep a little reminder of my Shih-Tzu/Terrier, Filly, with me at all times.

Besides rhinestone stickers, Love Your Breed (part of FouFouDog) has some really cute apparel for dogs and gifts for dog lovers.  Similar to the stickers, they also have luggage tags, pet pockets, collectible pens, and acrylic keychains -- all of which are part of the Love Your Breed collection.

Interested in their products & GIVEAWAYS (Weekly Woof)?  Click here to check out their Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Puppy Proposal

Growing up in the Main Line, my family would always get the Main Line Today and the Philadelphia Magazine.  I remember looking at the wedding announcements and now finally, Scott & I have our own on the website!

March 9th, 2012 -- Following my evening getting pampered (okay just hair cut & highlights) @ the Boca Salons Day Spa in North Brunswick, NJ, I arrive home at 5:45pm.  As I walk into my apartment, before I have a chance to put anything down, I see the most adorable little puppy wiggling and going crazy with excitement.  Obviously as soon as I saw him I dropped everything and sat on the floor to play with him.  Getting tons and tons of doggy kisses (and Filly trying to eat my nose), I look up at Scott and he tells me to take a look at Filly's tag -- I'm figuring that he already named him.  So I try, but the little guy just wants to play and give me kisses that I can barely read the tag.  During my attempt, Scott gets down on one knee with a box and hand and opens it while saying "Will you marry me?"  I remember my heart was beating soo fast!  Of course I said "Yes!" and he slid the ring onto my finger.  Looking over @ the puppy who finally calmed down, Scott tells me to look at the dog's collar.  It says "Will you marry us?
Scott & Filly
This was such a surprise!  I mean, yes we have been dating for 9 years, but I really thought he was going to purpose on my birthday (lol).  He had me convinced, especially since we had looked at rings on a number of occasions -- even after he actually bought it (as I was told).  Filly was another surprise!  I'm very impressed that he was able to keep it from me for that long (even my mom, his mom, and his dad knew).

354 days to go until our wedding!  Click here to visit our wedding website.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Store Review: The Bark Avenue Boutique

Transforming from an at-home business baking doggie treats in 2009, building a name for itself in The Ardmore Farmer's Market, to opening a store in Suburban Square, and now part of the Radnor Pet Village, The Bark Avenue Boutique has blossomed into a one-of-a-kind doggie boutique.

Providing clients with the newest and trendiest items, owner Donna Marie sets up a unique shopping experience for the well-groomed pooch and their sophisticated owner.  She is a true lover of dogs and all things dogs.  In 2010 her store was awarded Best of Philadelphia, Best of Main Line Today, Best of Main Line Magazine & Best of Suburban Life.  The Bark Avenue Boutique was also featured in Philadelphia's Magazine 2011 Design Home, in addition to being in People Magazine for pets, Fido's Friendly magazine, and appeared on TV on CBS, NBC and The WB.  Click here for the video from myphl17 and click here for the video from NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Deals to Drool Over
Deal from
RueLaLa $20 for $40 @ The Bark Avenue Boutique --ends in 3 days

Products at The Bark Avenue Boutique are not just for your pooch.  They also have gifts and artwork, including handbags, mugs, and jewelry.  Because this is one of my favorite stores, I actually asked my fiance if it would be weird to add a dog store to our wedding registry...he just laughed.  If you happen to be in Wayne, PA be sure to check it out @ 107 N. Aberdeen Avenue or click here to like them on Facebook.

Lisa Welch Bone on Disc Cufflinks -- great for groomsmen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something to Bark About: I'm turning 24 in 22 days

My birthday is in 22 days -- June 24th and everyone keeps asking me what I want.  It's soo hard to give an answer because I don't really NEED anything but there are a lot of things that I want! (lol)  Nordstroms is always a good place to start (my absolute favorite store), but then you can never go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer or The Bark Avenue Boutique either.

Every time I go to Nordstroms I am always keep an eye out for anything with dogs or paw prints in the design.  I was amazed when I found this really cute wallet by Ted Baker that has a dachshund clasp!  I'm in love.  It comes in 2 colors (pink and black) or a British bows pattern.  I have to say --- this might be my birthday present to myself!  The pink one is soo pretty and since most of my bags are dark colors, I will be able to easily find it.

Lilly Pulitzer
It's soo sad that where I live in NJ we don't have a Lilly Pulitzer store :(  Luckily we do have a Signature Store in Princeton (Palm Place)-- not too close to me, but 30 minutes to shop @ Lilly is doable.  Yesterday, since I happen to have been in the Main Line, I took a drive over to Suburban Square to get my Lilly "fix."  Now the Warehouse Sale is coming up, so I shopped sparingly and looked for birthday ideas!  
First of all, I am obsessed with rompers.  They are soo cute and soo comfy!  The Colleen Romper in Bright Navy Hey Sailor is one of my favorites, but I figured I'd either wait for someone else to get it for me as a present or wait till it goes on sale.

Another item on my birthday list from Lilly is the Agenda, which I've actually pre-ordered (which in reality means that I bought for myself).  I ordered it from The Pink Pelican in advance so that I could get a monogrammed sticker -- which I will hold until after my wedding :) .  I have yet to decide if I want the large or jumbo (but they said I could let them know later when I can see the inside of the jumbo).

Accessories --- who doesn't love them?  Lilly has this necklace called "Wet My Whistle" and it is actually a whistle.  I've wanted it for awhile for work.  On Wednesdays I have lunch duty and it is soo hard to get the kids to line up without having a whistle.  It is fashionable yet practical.  The only problem is school ends on June 21st, so for now I'll wait for it to go on sale and then if I get it, use it next year.

You are probably wondering, "what could she possibly want from a doggy boutique?" This store has everything you could want to pamper your pet and look good doing it!  They have sweets & treats for your puppy as well as apparel and collars ranging from plain to mad bling.  We got my Filly a Philadelphia Phillies collar and he looks adorable.

Some of my favorites that happen to be on my wish list include: The Maryann by Rebecca Ray Designs in Brown.  It is a tote that has a feedsac design (basically the design is of dog food)---super cute.  I also have been eyeing one of the newest products, they are moccasins with Shih Tzu's embroidered on them.

Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas

"Your pet is more than just a pet, it's a member of your family" completely sums up how I feel about my dog, Filly.

2011 Philadelphia Magazine's Best Boarding and #1 on the Philly Hot List as the Best Boarding Place is The Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas.  This pet boarding, doggy daycare, and pooch pampering facility is nothing like you've ever seen before.  It is a 5-Star Resort for our pets!    Located near the Philadelphia Airport (quick stop on your way to and from) The 5-acre Philly Pet Hotel provides your loved pet with 24 hour care and attention.

So what makes The Philly Pet Hotel "the best?"  The services they offer are as impressive as those we would receive at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.  Standard vacation suites 4x6 - 8x10 to luxury suites that includes a flat screen TV, group play, private play, snacks, and even a workout package.  If you really want to spoil your pooch, opt in for The Concierge's Best Friend Vacation, where your pet will have human contact all day, or splurge on the Villas for your pet (solo or with friends).  Your dog will enjoy an ultra plush queen size bed, flat screen TV, early morning walk, private play...etc...  Basically all your pets needs will be fulfilled.

Doggy Daycare
Working full-time I can understand why you would want to drop your dog off at daycare.  I hate that Filly is by himself, but luckily my day is short since I am a teacher.  The Philly Pet Hotel offers multiple daycare packages ranging from Regular, The Ultimate, and Standard (Full & Half Day).  The daycare specialists provide your pooch opportunities to socialize with other dogs and during the summer months, offer different water activities to keep them cool.

Grooming & Spa Services
Who doesn't love to be pampered?  The Philly Pet Hotel offers a number of services to pamper your pooch, from peace and tranquility to exercise work out packages.  You can even add on optional goodies, such as: receiving a daily email update or photo update.  Even snack cart options can be customized for your pet.  All of the snacks are human grade quality and made from natural ingredients.  I have to say, my dog would go gaga for anything with Sweet Potatoes!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pet Friendly Travel

Nearing the end of the school year, some of us may or may not have already made travel arrangements.  Family vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons...etc...Ever since getting my puppy (he's about 1 1/2) this past March, I hate to leave him for long periods of time, especially when both Scott (my fiance) and I are away.

One month after my fiance surprised me with him, we took a week long vacation to Disney World.  Luckily we were able to drop Filly off with my mom who he now doesn't like very much.  He associates "her" with us leaving him for a long period of time.  But I have a feeling that eventually he will warm up to her (he's by her side when we are not there).  In the future, I would love to take him with us!  He's small enough to fit in a pet carrier that I could carry onto the plane.  But, where do we stay that allows pets, what sorts of activities could we do with him, and what restaurants allow pets?

Searching the Internet I came across, which actually started back in 2005.  The site is basically a Pet Friendly Travel Agency.  Unfortunately North Brunswick, NJ has very few "pet friendly" restaurants.  I'm sort of jealous of the number there are in Philadelphia, PA (where I'm from).  Bring Fido offers families who can't bear to leave their pet at home with list upon list -- based on location, of lodging locations, air travel, attractions, restaurants, services...etc... that are open to having pets attend.  If it does get to the point where you are traveling soo far that you do need boarding, you can search based on location and read kennel reviews.  I know that this July I am going to Israel for 3 weeks.  Two of those weeks Scott can look after Filly, but the 3rd week when he comes to meet me, Filly will need to be boarded.  Luckily, Animal Assistance where we adopted him from offers Vacation Boarding.  I just hope Filly doesn't feel like we are bringing him back because that would NEVER happen!  He is my baby and I love him.

Finding the right boarding facility is all about going to visit the place and reading client testimonials.  A friend of mine in Florida has two dogs and she boards them when she travels in luxury.  The dogs have their own room (with toys of course) and a camera is mounted on the wall that you can access from your computer, while traveling, to keep an eye on your puppies!  How amazing is that!
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