Monday, February 11, 2013

Anthropologie goes to the Dogs!

The funny thing about the way I shop is that whenever I am online, on any clothing or accessory website, the first thing I do is type "dog" in the search engine.  I rarely shop at Anthropologie, but I figured since we have one within 5 minutes of our house in New Jersey I would check out online and see what they have.  First of all, I have to say that once I saw the Fetch & Frolic dress on their website I knew that, 1st I had to call my store to make sure they had it in stock and in my size, and second that it was a purchase I HAD TO MAKE!   Though I think I may change up the belt.  My fiance wasn't too fond of that part of the outfit.

The other piece of apparel that I am drooling over (pun intended) is the Pooch Posse Cardigan.  It is soo adorable and while I wouldn't pair it with the dress, it would great with jeans and a tee underneath.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newest Coffee Table Book? Yes Please!

The New Yorker Magazine has just released a new book that I will soon be purchasing, or hinting at for a Valentine's Day gift.  $27 on Amazon, this book is sure to be a great addition to your living room coffee table.

This book is a collection of poems, humor, cartoons, cover art, drafts and drawings from past magazine archives all compiled into one canine themed book for dog lovers everywhere.  If you are into ebooks, it is available for $19.99.  Personally, while I do love ebooks, this is a book that I want to display!

The cover sort of reminds me of Clifford, the Big Red Dog?  What do you think?

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