Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Puppy Proposal

Growing up in the Main Line, my family would always get the Main Line Today and the Philadelphia Magazine.  I remember looking at the wedding announcements and now finally, Scott & I have our own on the website!

March 9th, 2012 -- Following my evening getting pampered (okay just hair cut & highlights) @ the Boca Salons Day Spa in North Brunswick, NJ, I arrive home at 5:45pm.  As I walk into my apartment, before I have a chance to put anything down, I see the most adorable little puppy wiggling and going crazy with excitement.  Obviously as soon as I saw him I dropped everything and sat on the floor to play with him.  Getting tons and tons of doggy kisses (and Filly trying to eat my nose), I look up at Scott and he tells me to take a look at Filly's tag -- I'm figuring that he already named him.  So I try, but the little guy just wants to play and give me kisses that I can barely read the tag.  During my attempt, Scott gets down on one knee with a box and hand and opens it while saying "Will you marry me?"  I remember my heart was beating soo fast!  Of course I said "Yes!" and he slid the ring onto my finger.  Looking over @ the puppy who finally calmed down, Scott tells me to look at the dog's collar.  It says "Will you marry us?
Scott & Filly
This was such a surprise!  I mean, yes we have been dating for 9 years, but I really thought he was going to purpose on my birthday (lol).  He had me convinced, especially since we had looked at rings on a number of occasions -- even after he actually bought it (as I was told).  Filly was another surprise!  I'm very impressed that he was able to keep it from me for that long (even my mom, his mom, and his dad knew).

354 days to go until our wedding!  Click here to visit our wedding website.

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