Sunday, August 5, 2012

Petcentric (Hosted by Purina)

Petcentric, "The Ultimate Destination for Pet Lovers" is basically a website like "People" or "InStyle" but for those whose lives revolve around their pets.  

You are probably wondering why I have been MIA for soo long.  I recently returned from a 17 day trip to Israel.  10 days with Birthright and 7 days with my family!  It was an unbelievable trip and it is amazing how "dog-friendly" Israel is compared to the States.  After the 10 days with Birthright, my family stayed @ the Sheraton Tel Aviv, which interestingly is also dog-friendly (but size does matter).  However, walking around Tel Aviv, dogs would be off-leash and follow their owners around.  I was surprised at how well trained they were and that none of them ran out into traffic (thank goodness).

Even some of the restaurants were dog-friendly, both indoor and out -- mostly outdoors, but still I loved it!  Walking along Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv, many of the restaurants have signs that say "Pet-Friendly" or "Dogs Welcome."  They are considered to be Petcentric Restaurants.  This had me curious, so when I returned to the States, I checked it out online.

The Purina Petcentric website has a search engine for "places and events" that are "pet-friendly."  In Israel they have a lot, here in North Brunswick, NJ not so many, but in downtown Philly, Conshohocken, and Valley Forge their are quite a few!!!

Check out the website and see for yourself.  They even give you lists of lodging locations that allow dogs, BEACHES, and of course, restaurants.

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