Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth.....Liquid Floss?

Recently I attempted to brush my dog's teeth with a toothbrush.  Needless to say he DID NOT like it.  My first attempt was not very successful, Filly kept moving his head and avoiding the toothbrush.  I decided to put a little peanut butter on the toothbrush, that way he'd want it in his mouth, and IT WORKED!  Okay, so maybe his breath doesn't smell  great, but his teeth are significantly cleaner.

Peanut butter is okay for dogs in small amounts.  If you use this technique, you only need a little on the brush bristles for a flavor.  However, because I didn't want to do this every time (especially having his breath stink of peanut butter all the time), I decided to pay a visit to Petco initially to buy special toothpaste for him or some Greenies.  Instead what I found was LiquidFloss!  TropiClean is a company that uses all natural ingredients and who came up with this new product that I think is fantastic.  Each of the products in the Fresh Breath collection require "no brushing."  They sell a gel, foam, water additive, chews, LiquidFloss, and LiquidFloss TriFlossBall.

I purchased  the LiquidFloss TriFlossBall because it comes with LiquidFloss, but also the suggested rope ball that actually absorbs the LiquidFloss, massages gums, and flosses teeth.  What I really like about this product is that the LiquidFloss can be sprayed on Filly's other toys.  In particular he has this hedgehog stuffed animal that is "his baby."  He is constantly chewing it (never ripping) or holding it in his mouth.  I am thinking I may spray some LiquidFloss on it so that his teeth get cleaned, but are also minty fresh.

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