Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Summer, Let's Celebrate at the Spa

It's finally Summer!  School is basically over (public yes/private no) and it is time to relax, go to the beach, and drink mimosas by the pool.  I know we all are thinking about it.

Summer is a "hot" time of year, so be sure to get your dog groomed so he/she isn't too hot during those sweltering days we all know are fast approaching.  Even after a hair cut, be sure it's not too hot outside for your pooch.  Think of it is this way, if it is soo hot that you don't want to go outside, why would your dog?

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty particular where I will send my dog to get groomed.  I'm a little weird about Petco and PetSmart only because one day I was watching them groom a Yorkie through the window and I just didn't like how the dog was soo scared when his face was getting trimmed.  I don't blame him though, I'd be afraid with pointy scissors near my eyes!


Being a New Jersey girl now, I don't have the luxury to visit the Pet Village of Wayne and take my dog to Dogma Premier Dog Spa.  Though on a few occasions I may have to consider it being worth the trip (as long as I am visiting home for the weekend).

Dogma, voted 2011 Best Dog & Cat Groomer in the Main Line offers just as many services for your pet as my hair salon and spa here in New Jersey.  Packages include: The Dogma (full service grooming package), The Prima Dogma (full service + package -- pawdicure included), The Yuppy Puppy Package (for pets 6- years old), and The Main Line Quickie Maintenance Program (Cut & Condition).  They even offer add-on services, including but not limited to: a shedding treatment, facial, teethbrushing, and a flea/tick bath.

All groomers at Dogma are pet care professionals.  One of which is ABKA certified and two others who are graduates of Dog Grooming schools.

What comes after a spa treatment?  A massage of course!  Woof!  Only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Dogma offers their clients the opportunity to make an appointment for what they call "Canine Massage Therapy."  You are probably thinking, I rarely get a massage, why does my dog need one?  Benefits can be physiological, but also is great for rehabilitation purposes.  Click here to read some client testimonies.

On another note -- check out this stationery I found by R. Nicols.  Saw them and instantly thought of Dogma.

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