Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Drink Alone...Always with your Pooch

Mission Statement: Deliver Dogvergnügen 

Dogvergnügen (prounounced dawg' feh-gnu-gen) is defined as "The unique joy you feel in the presence of Dog" and is the inspiration for all Dog is Good products.  I love their products, which range from clothing (Men, Women, Kids, Dogs), Accessories, Jewelry...etc... and they don't just have dog themed products.  They do sell some horse & cat themed goods as well.

Right now I am obsessed with the "Never Drink Alone" t-shirts for men.  They come in many different breeds and are clever and witty.  A great shirt to pair with shorts or jeans, wear to the bar or relax by the pool.  They are relaxed fit tees, 100% cotton, and pre-laundered to eliminate shrinking.  What I really like about them is that each design is a different vintage dog beer label.  I got my fiance the "Labby Lager" navy blue t-shirt and I love when he wears it!

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