Saturday, June 2, 2012

Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas

"Your pet is more than just a pet, it's a member of your family" completely sums up how I feel about my dog, Filly.

2011 Philadelphia Magazine's Best Boarding and #1 on the Philly Hot List as the Best Boarding Place is The Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas.  This pet boarding, doggy daycare, and pooch pampering facility is nothing like you've ever seen before.  It is a 5-Star Resort for our pets!    Located near the Philadelphia Airport (quick stop on your way to and from) The 5-acre Philly Pet Hotel provides your loved pet with 24 hour care and attention.

So what makes The Philly Pet Hotel "the best?"  The services they offer are as impressive as those we would receive at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.  Standard vacation suites 4x6 - 8x10 to luxury suites that includes a flat screen TV, group play, private play, snacks, and even a workout package.  If you really want to spoil your pooch, opt in for The Concierge's Best Friend Vacation, where your pet will have human contact all day, or splurge on the Villas for your pet (solo or with friends).  Your dog will enjoy an ultra plush queen size bed, flat screen TV, early morning walk, private play...etc...  Basically all your pets needs will be fulfilled.

Doggy Daycare
Working full-time I can understand why you would want to drop your dog off at daycare.  I hate that Filly is by himself, but luckily my day is short since I am a teacher.  The Philly Pet Hotel offers multiple daycare packages ranging from Regular, The Ultimate, and Standard (Full & Half Day).  The daycare specialists provide your pooch opportunities to socialize with other dogs and during the summer months, offer different water activities to keep them cool.

Grooming & Spa Services
Who doesn't love to be pampered?  The Philly Pet Hotel offers a number of services to pamper your pooch, from peace and tranquility to exercise work out packages.  You can even add on optional goodies, such as: receiving a daily email update or photo update.  Even snack cart options can be customized for your pet.  All of the snacks are human grade quality and made from natural ingredients.  I have to say, my dog would go gaga for anything with Sweet Potatoes!

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