Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something to Bark About: I'm turning 24 in 22 days

My birthday is in 22 days -- June 24th and everyone keeps asking me what I want.  It's soo hard to give an answer because I don't really NEED anything but there are a lot of things that I want! (lol)  Nordstroms is always a good place to start (my absolute favorite store), but then you can never go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer or The Bark Avenue Boutique either.

Every time I go to Nordstroms I am always keep an eye out for anything with dogs or paw prints in the design.  I was amazed when I found this really cute wallet by Ted Baker that has a dachshund clasp!  I'm in love.  It comes in 2 colors (pink and black) or a British bows pattern.  I have to say --- this might be my birthday present to myself!  The pink one is soo pretty and since most of my bags are dark colors, I will be able to easily find it.

Lilly Pulitzer
It's soo sad that where I live in NJ we don't have a Lilly Pulitzer store :(  Luckily we do have a Signature Store in Princeton (Palm Place)-- not too close to me, but 30 minutes to shop @ Lilly is doable.  Yesterday, since I happen to have been in the Main Line, I took a drive over to Suburban Square to get my Lilly "fix."  Now the Warehouse Sale is coming up, so I shopped sparingly and looked for birthday ideas!  
First of all, I am obsessed with rompers.  They are soo cute and soo comfy!  The Colleen Romper in Bright Navy Hey Sailor is one of my favorites, but I figured I'd either wait for someone else to get it for me as a present or wait till it goes on sale.

Another item on my birthday list from Lilly is the Agenda, which I've actually pre-ordered (which in reality means that I bought for myself).  I ordered it from The Pink Pelican in advance so that I could get a monogrammed sticker -- which I will hold until after my wedding :) .  I have yet to decide if I want the large or jumbo (but they said I could let them know later when I can see the inside of the jumbo).

Accessories --- who doesn't love them?  Lilly has this necklace called "Wet My Whistle" and it is actually a whistle.  I've wanted it for awhile for work.  On Wednesdays I have lunch duty and it is soo hard to get the kids to line up without having a whistle.  It is fashionable yet practical.  The only problem is school ends on June 21st, so for now I'll wait for it to go on sale and then if I get it, use it next year.

You are probably wondering, "what could she possibly want from a doggy boutique?" This store has everything you could want to pamper your pet and look good doing it!  They have sweets & treats for your puppy as well as apparel and collars ranging from plain to mad bling.  We got my Filly a Philadelphia Phillies collar and he looks adorable.

Some of my favorites that happen to be on my wish list include: The Maryann by Rebecca Ray Designs in Brown.  It is a tote that has a feedsac design (basically the design is of dog food)---super cute.  I also have been eyeing one of the newest products, they are moccasins with Shih Tzu's embroidered on them.

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