Thursday, September 20, 2012

101 in 1001

Inspired to create my own list by Mackenzie, author of the Design Darling Blog and fellow redhead, I got to work writing down all the things I hope to accomplish in these 2.75 years.  While not specifically related to dogs, I thought it would be a super fun activity to pursue.

  1. Come up w/ 101 things to accomplish
  2. Inspire 2 people to make their own list
  3. Get a job teaching in a public school
  4. Take a dance class w/ Scott for wedding 1st dance
  5. Do the Green Smoothie Morning routine for 1 month (IT IS DISGUSTING!!!)
    1. Did 1 day -- it was gross.
  6. Subscribe to the magazines I buy anyways
  7. Try a microdermabrasion treatment service
  8. Send out holiday cards 1 year
  9. Make 10 recipes off of Pinterest
  10. Learn calligraphy
  11. Make an address book w/ family & friend contact info
  12. Send 50 handwritten notes (wedding thank you's don't count)
  13. Get an iPad -- ordered
  14. Invest in 3 beautiful coffee table books (I already have 2, want total of 5)
  15. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  16. Write a children's book
  17. No fast food for a month
  18. Complete a coloring book
  19. Invest in a SodaStream Revolution
  20. Do 10 DIY crafts off of Pinterest
  21. Get married to the love of my life!
  22. Convert my handwriting into a computer font
  23. Create an e-portfolio
  24. Save $100 using coupons @ the supermarket
  25. Participate in The Color Run
  26. Go to a Phillies vs. Red Sox game
  27. See Lady Gaga in concert
  28. Attend an Oktoberfest celebration
  29. Find the perfect beauty and skincare regimen for me
  30. Take a surfing lesson
  31. Cook Scott dinner everyday for 1 month (minus nights out)
  32. Find the perfect little black dress
  33. Make it to the gym @ least 3x a week for 2 months
  34. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday for 1 week
  35. Go on a safari
  36. Give up soda for 1 month (seltzer is ok)
  37. Invest in a few ebook cookbooks
  38. Visit all 50 states
  39. Re: 38 Figure out how to keep track of where I've traveled
  40. Give up caffeine for 1 day
  41. Host a dinner party
  42. Take time off from teaching and work for Lilly Pulitzer or the Bark Avenue Boutique (maybe in 5 years)
  43. Design my own monogram
  44. Take a picture for each letter in the alphabet and make a collage
  45. Wear the right shade of red lipstick
  46. Take a class to learn to crochet
  47. Attempt to learn conversational Hebrew
  48. Learn to change a tire
  49. Unsubscribe myself from all the email lists that clutter my inbox
  50. Be paid as a freelance blogger or social media manager
  51. Try 10 new beers
  52. Take Scott to see Wicked on Broadway in NYC
  53. Decorate home for the holidays
  54. Make my bed everyday for 1 month
  55. Buy a nice gym bag
  56. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  57. Run in the morning before work 20x
  58. Eat dessert 1st @ a restaurant
  59. Make homemade salsa for Scott
  60. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  61. Take a glass blowing class
  62. Watch the ball drop in Times Square
  63. Wear makeup everyday for a week
  64. Complete and frame a 1000 piece puzzle
  65. Participate in a cookie exchange
  66. Leave a 100% trip
  67. Try 5 new restaurants
  68. Order off of the Starbucks secret menu
  69. Spend a day cooking and freezing meals
  70. Take Scott to see Cirque du Soleil "O"
  71. Attend a festival
  72. Own a Dyson vacuum cleaner
  73. Get a ridiculous manicure w/ a friend
  74. Sing karaoke in a bar
  75. Try Zumba
  76. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  77. Eat @ Pat's cheesesteaks (only ever had Geno's)
  78. Make my own hummus
  79. Track everything I eat for 1 month
  80. Join a book club
  81. Go sailing
  82. Enter a contest
  83. See 10 classic movies I've never seen
  84. Do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
  85. Start a collection of something and stick to it
  86. Go to Martha's Vineyard
  87. Take vitamins daily for 1 month
  88. Get rose gold highlights (after wedding)
  89. Grow fingernails out and keep nicely polished for 1 month
  90. Learn to drive a stick shift
  91. Participate in "Operation Beautiful"
  92. Fix my hair for work everyday for 2 weeks straight
  93. Teach someone else a skill
  94. Get my car detailed
  95. Learn how to navigate the stock market
  96. Try acupuncture
  97. Make a DZ Princess Family Tree
  98. Make a candle
  99. Stomp in a bucket of grapes and make wine
  100. Make my own melted crayon art
  101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list!

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