Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vineyard Vines Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

First of all, I would really love to take a trip to Martha's Vineyard.  I've never been and it sounds wonderful.  Second, on to why you are really reading this post.  The scoop on the Vineyard Vines Dog Tie Collection & (the secret) ladies Dog Tote Bags currently in the works!

Vineyard Vines has really been showing their love of dogs recently with all these new dog prints (on ties) and more breeds to come.  I'm wondering whether Lilly Pulitzer is going to do something similar since they were first with the Greek Life collection, and now, Vineyard Vines has one of their own.  These ties from Vineyard Vines are 100% silk.  For each breed currently available they come in different color options.

I personally know that they are in the process of creating a dog tote bag collection for women.  I'm hoping that it will be available this Fall.  I purposely have not purchased a new purse for this specific reason.
I hope they make a Shih Tzu one, but if not, I'll probably go
with the Chocolate Labrador.

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