Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Dog Lovers iPhone

Wow!  I have really been MIA.  We are already into the New Year and I haven't posted since Black Friday!  I apologize.  I've been super busy with wedding planning.  My fiance kind of caved and he is more willing to "dogify" our wedding!  A combination of green apples and dogs.  Personally I prefer any of the red apples to eat, but he favors the green ones and I think they are a better color scheme for our wedding :) haha.


If you don't have a smartphone these days, whether it be an android or an iPhone you are behind the times.  Smartphones do everything for us --- and we let them!  But why not, if it makes our lives easier. Pay our bills on the go, study for exams (if you are in school), read the news, and "of course" shopping.  I found these super cute dog themed iphone cases that I am in love with.  Right now, I have the Kate Spade Scottie Dog iphone 4s case and it suits me!

Click here and check out these cases!

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